Night Navigation Skills Course

An Introduction to night navigation

  • 4 hours
  • £50.00
  • Peak District National Park


Night Navigation Skills Course Learn to find your way after dark on this Night Navigation Skills Course. Summary: Why race home when you can reach for the headtorch and Adventure into the night? Ending the adventure early because of fading daylight will be a thing of the past with this Night Navigation Skills Course. Highlights *Learn to move and navigate safely over remote ground at night *Transfer your navigation skills to the mountains under darkness *Make your adventures unlimited by daylight hours Course Overview As the sun starts to set the challenge really kicks in. If conditions are in your favour then the moon and stars will ease you into the journey but the most memorable nights provide swirling mists, confusing shadows, bad weather and an ever growing seed of doubt in your mind. By building on your existing navigation skills you can learn to fight the darkness and accurately hit your navigation targets with confidence. These courses start in the late afternoon as the sun is dipping below the horizon to give you plenty of practise out in the hills, we'll set you challengers along the way to make sure your getting plently of skillset. Don't forget your spare head torch! Course Outcomes *Develop your night navigation skills *Confidently navigate away from tracks and paths in poor visibility *Choose appropriate night navigation strategies Please contact us by email to check availability and to book on the course. * Discounts for groups of 2-6*